Saturday, July 02, 2022

  1. Quality

EU legislation sets strict specifications to ensure the quality of all European products. Key elements of the quality policy on one hand the common market organization for agricultural products, on the other hand, the creation of a common legal framework in all Member - States. The objective of these elements is to establish uniform requirements framework and control framework, ensuring that standards are common to the entire European market. The entire system is designed to build in the minds of consumers the impression that the product quality can be ensured and this belief may spread to other countries where the presence of European products is strong and constant as the markets of target countries, which affects . Bulgarian products have managed to cope with the challenges of quality for which the EU requires strict specifications and are already considered high quality products in the European internal market. This recognition should be spread internationally, especially in target markets.

  1. Image of EU products

Due to the same standards guaranteed everywhere in the large European market, especially in terms of quality European products are internationally recognized and specifically in target markets such as products with high added value. The main objective is the positive image of European products in order to further improve its image among the target groups as defined above, which have the necessary aspects to become important receivers and transmitters key messages restore image European products.

Through the dissemination of information materials, participation in international exhibitions, carrying out promotional and advertising activities, the image of the products and the general view of the target groups for their quality, will be strengthened in order to meet all other purposes.

  1. Objective(s)of the program

According to the Guidelines in Regulation (EC) 501/2008 objectives of an information and promotion programme for fresh fruits are to improve the image of the products as being ‘fresh’ and ‘natural’, encourage their regular consumption and bring down the average age of consumers. The latter may be attained by encouraging young people, and in particular children and adolescents in educational establishments, to consume the products concerned.

According to that the current programme has two key objectives:

Objective 1. Cherry a fresh and natural European product

  1. strengthen the positive opinion on made in the EU fresh cherries
  1. Increase awareness on their nutritious advantages

OBJECTIVE 2: Encourage fresh cherries regular consumption

  1. Encourage the daily consumption of made in EU fresh cherries as part of a balanced diet.

The assumptions for expected results and methodology are presented in Section 6 of the present proposal. The objectives are S.M.A.R.T. and realistic as there are set specific foreseen measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound actions to be achieved.