Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The Group of Fruit Cooperatives is consisted by 7 Cooperatives leaded by ASOP Episkopis, Naoussa, Imathia. All Cooperatives are based in Central Macedonia and specifically in Imathia, Pella and Pieria the three main cherry producing areas in Greece. Members of the Group are the following:

  1. ASOP Episkopis - Leader
  2. AC Episkopis
  3. AC Rachis Agios Loukas
  4. AC Arnissas
  5. AC Archangelos Naoussa
  6. ASPO Rachis
  7. AC Mieza Naoussa

Short description, production and export data of each Cooperative are presented on the following pages.

ASOP Episkopis

ASOP Episkopis is a primary Cooperative Organization established by farmers’ members of the primary Cooperative under the trade name "Agricultural Credit Cooperative of Episkopi" which was founded in 1924. In 1987 it was renamed to its current trade name, under which it has been pre-identified as Farmer's Group under the regulations (EC) 2200/96 & 1432/03 for the category "Fruits and Vegetables". Today the cooperative has 500 members – farmers, and it collects more than 15000 tons of fresh fruits annually.